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Barbara O'Donovan is a Western Australian artist who is heavily inspired by the flora and fauna of the Coral Coast. Her designs are available as stunning tea towels and cushion covers, all made of 100% pure linen. 

The Story of Barbara O'Donovan

Born and raised in rural regional, Victoria; Barbara grew up in large family, playing in trees, running through creeks, swimming in dams and experiencing a very free-range childhood that is the beauty of growing up in a remote bush setting.


Barbara’s parents instilled in their children a love of nature, animals, opera and classical music, books, art and religion,  a connection that is evident in Barbara’s botanical wallpapers, vintage inspired linen cushions and homewares.


Her love of nature endured into adulthood, Barbara and her family now live in the remote coastal town of Geraldton, Western Australia.. perfectly located in the heart of the Coral Coast, the natural beauty of the beaches and wildflowers provides an abundance of inspiration for her work. 


Inspired by the 17th Masters such as Rembrandt and his beautiful use of light, Barbara complements native Western Australian flora with careful highlights, resulting in pieces that are often dark and moody with ethereal overtones.


Barbara draws her creativity from the botanical world, drawing inspiration from the minute details and natural patterns and diversity of the local flora and fauna. Often using plants and flowers when they are dead or in the stages of dying, She sees more beauty in the process of a dying plant, and the fascinating textures create depth and complexity within her work.


Barbara is in a constant state of foraging, whether it is for the perfect specimen or a truly unique vintage piece to display in her online shop or at St Joans Cottage. 


Barbara has an eye for beauty and her aim is to create unforgettable experiences, whether it be through her beautiful linens, wallpapers, art, airbnb properties or her online shop, Relic Living.


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Life ring on a wall over a bench at St Joans
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Barbara's Workshop
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Barbara's workshop and art
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