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Growing up in the 70's, the most exciting part of our summer holidays was every year when Dad and Mum packed up the huge canvas tent along with all us kids and dogs and we would camp on a river for what felt like weeks. We spent the days exploring the river on our lilo’s - jumping off tarzan swings into the river... long days just laying in the sun. I have such happy memories of these camping trips, this is Mums actual list. I love the practicality of it – I am so happy it lives on for all you happy campers to enjoy.

Oh and of course its in alphabetical order... Mum never did anything by halves !


100% Linen

Available in 50cm x 70cm and 70cm x 90cm

Marie's Camping List

PriceFrom $39.95
  • Sizes 50cm x 70cm and 70cm x 90cm are 220gsm pure linen

    Size 40cm x 150cm is 320gsm linen and rayon blend which can also be used as a table runner

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